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Welcome to the supplier of giveaways and premium gifts!

Marketeers who are looking for the right advertisingmix will find the perfect partner in Meroh 4 Promotions!
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√ 2-Price
√ 3-Location
√ 4-Promotion
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We give advice on promotional products, from giveaways to premium gifts, and produce and deliver the items best suited to your marketing campaigns. Our loyal customers choose Meroh 4Promotions! because we can offer quality products with a fast turnaround at competitive prices. We use our knowledge of what's available and our experience with worldwide suppliers.
From question to idea, from product to solution: Meroh 4Promotions! is your best gateway to the world of promotional products. We know the market for giveaways and gifts and have excellent contacts with manufacturers and suppliers. We even have two offices in the Far East. We will manage everything from the drawing table to the finished product as well as deliver from stock. We assemble and customise. From luxury gifts to low-cost giveaways. And we know how to comply with legal obligations and customs requirements and how to meet your quality and durability demands.

Meroh 4Promotions! is the supplier of choice for international enterprises and local businesses alike.

Enjoy your search! Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Menko Huisman - Managing Director